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2 Digital Business Cards $50 (one-time fee)

All these can be activated by tapping an NFC Tag with an NFC-enabled phone/device!

 ✅Scroll down to select the card design

 ✅Purchase the bundle deal promotion

 ✅Check email for next step


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How To Use It

Hold your phone near the digital business card and watch the magic happen.  Customize the card with all the information you want to share.

Get On Board

Shares Contactless Digital Business Cards instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print 1000s of cards.  The fastest way to share your business service or products.

2 Digital Business Cards $50.00 + Tax

See How It Works

Here are all the services that you can offer using an NFC digital business card. NFC stands for Near Field Communication.

All these can be activated by tapping an NFC Tag with an NFC-enabled phone/device!

 ✅Share contact card / Digital Business Cards

 ✅Display products / showcase any page / URL

 ✅Book Appointments

 ✅Generate Leads

 ✅Reveal offers

 ✅Open a Google Map Location

 ✅Showcase Products / Services

 ✅Get App downloads

 ✅Collect Review & Ratings

 ✅Initiate Conversations on Whatsapp / Text / Messenger / Skype / Discord or Telegram

 ✅Showcase Video

 ✅Collect Payments

 ✅Get Social Media Followers

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NFC technology has started gaining momentum and its application in various fields and businesses is increasing every single day. 

Businesses are going to need NFC technology in their everyday operations and marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the next step?

A. Next, please click on the buy button. Once payment is received

Once the form is received we will send an invoice to pay and then we begin designing the card. 


Q.  How long will it take for my card to be designed?

A.  We process orders Mon-Fri from 9-6 pm.  If an order is placed before  1 pm the same day we can get your order ready within 24-48 hours.


Q.  Will I be able to preview the card before printing it?

A.  Yes, we will send over an email with a link to review the card.  At that time you will have 1 day to submit any revisions.  Only 1 revision is allowed for the BASIC package.


Q.  Will I be able to make changes/updates to my card in the future?

A. Any updates for the BASIC package will be an additional fee of $5 for 1 revision. 


Q.  What is the refund policy?

A. Great question. Once the item is paid for and shipped there is no refund.  The only way to get a refund is to cancel the order once you review the created card and decide you don't want it.  


Q.  How will I know when my item is shipped & how long does it take?

A. You will get an email notification saying the item has been shipped and it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 business days depending on your location.  


Q.  What if I lose my card or break it, can I get a replacement card?

A. Replacement cards are $7, (free shipping takes 5 to 7 business days)  regular mail/ priority shipping $10 please contact us.


Q.  What if my card doesn't work once I get it?


A. Please feel free to contact us rita@steps4success.info, in case we have to walk you through it.  We test all cards before they are shipped out.


Q.  Does the NFC Digital Business Card work on all devices?

A. If your phone is NFC enabled, most smartphones Androids & iPhones have this feature built-in, on some older phones you may have to check the settings. 

(Please read: Some Metro-PCS and prepaid phones may not work, please check features).  You can still get the digital card and share your information via text, email, instant message or link.


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